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Kids’ Spot: Praying With Your Fingers

If you're not sure what to pray for, use your fingers! Here's a story from Hungary of a lady who prayed every night by raising her fingers one by one and asking God for a different thing with each finger: To help you remember what each finger means: Thumb: What come first to mindForefinger:… Continue reading Kids’ Spot: Praying With Your Fingers

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Kids’ Spot: Pray, Kids. PRAY!

Pray, Kids. Pray! Here's a poem with a fun activity to help you remember to pray for God to move in your hearts, your home and your world! You can watch the video here: and see the poem written out below. Come pray, kids. PRAY!You'll see the wayOur God will changeYour hearts today!Come pray, kids.… Continue reading Kids’ Spot: Pray, Kids. PRAY!

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What IS Prayer, Anyway?

Prayer is Talking to God Prayer is sharing your deepest secrets with God and telling Him your biggest fears. Prayer is telling God about other people’s problems and asking Him to solve them. Prayer is chatting with God about everything that’s happening in your life and letting Him know what you’re thinking and feeling. Prayer… Continue reading What IS Prayer, Anyway?