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Friday: Darkness and Light

Here is an experiment that shows how darkness and light cannot mix. You can try it, too! Bible Riddles See if you can figure out these harder Bible riddles! Rock Candy Photos Here are photos Dylan sent us from our May 15th Rock Candy Experiment. Thanks, Dylan! Looks delicious! "Who Am I?"… Continue reading Friday: Darkness and Light

Bible Activities, Videos

Thursday: Light in the Darkness

Watch this video on being the light of the world! Light in the Bible Go to and type in “light” in the Search box. How many times does the word “Light” appear in the Bible? Write your answer in the “Leave a Reply” box below, and tell us what version of the… Continue reading Thursday: Light in the Darkness

Bible Activities, Just for Fun!, Videos

Tuesday: Jesus’ Light Gives us Life!

This video about Jesus, who is the light of the world, shows how Jesus' light gives us life. Water Refraction Experiment In this experiment you will see that refraction is the bending of light. You’ll see light travel through the glass water jar and appear to switch the direction of the picture behind… Continue reading Tuesday: Jesus’ Light Gives us Life!

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Sunday: “I AM the Light of the World”

Join us today for our LIVE K4C Sunday School and Fun for kids from JK to Grade 6 from 11:30 to 12:30! Today we'll look at John 9:1-41 and talk about how Jesus is the Light of the World and He helps us really see. And we'll play Bible Baseball again! If you would like to… Continue reading Sunday: “I AM the Light of the World”