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Kids’ Spot: When Things are Hard

Sometimes life is really hard and things don't go the way we plan. We feel sad because hurtful things are happening to us. This video shows how God uses hard things to help us become even better and more helpful to other people.

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Kids’ Spot: God uses Your Talents!

Sometimes we feel like what we do isn't very important. We feel like if we are not doing "up-front," noticeable things for Jesus, then we don't matter very much. But God wants to use all of us, with whatever talents we have!

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Kids’ Spot: Jesus is Alive!

The people who hated Jesus killed him on a cross and put him in a grave, but they didn't know He would come back to life and the grave would be empty. Watch this video and you will see a cool "trick" that will help you remember that the tomb was empty because Jesus is… Continue reading Kids’ Spot: Jesus is Alive!

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Kids’ Spot: Choosing to Forgive

We ask for God to fill us with His love, joy and peace, but sometimes we still feel dark and sad inside. Let's remember to forgive everyone who has hurt us and let God get rid of the darkness inside our hearts. Then He can fill us with all kinds of good things!

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Kids’ Spot: When We Ask, “Why???”

Sometimes life is hard and we are full of questions. We don't understand why bad things are happening and we feel angry and confused. Jesus invites us to bring all our questions to Him and let Him fill us with His peace.