For Parents!

Encouraging a Love of Writing at Home

by Gillian Jackson, C.Psych. Associate

It is possible for children to have FUN writing when they have the means to let their creative imaginations run wild. Parents can help by providing support and direction: showing them how to write, using models and examples of completed works; then adding a touch of art by giving them colourful, appealing materials to work with; and, motivating them by introducing interesting and weird themes that will “tickle” them. By making the purpose for writing clear, allowing creative means, and engaging their natural curiosity, they might just end up having some fun!

Here are some ideas for writing projects your kids can do at home:

Make a scrapbook and let them fill it with drawings, words, and even small objects you collect on your walks, so they have a record of their experiences during this unique time.

Take a look through some story starters, and let them choose one that they find exciting, interesting, or fun.
Challenge them to write a persuasive essay, using prompts, like “Which would you rather battle: 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck- sized horses?” Or “You can choose one superhero power to help others: fly or stop time. Which one do you choose and why?”

Themes such as love, friendship, family, or courage can be developed using a collage. Images can be drawn or cut from old books, magazines and catalogues.

Story narratives can be created in comic strip format, using drawings along with words.

Whether it’s a drawing, a card, or a story, children can enjoy original and imaginative ways to convey their thoughts and ideas. So, grab some pens and markers, stickers, pictures, and coloured paper and find something they enjoy talking about. Then sit down together for some fun times!

From Hearts & Minds – TDSB Psychological Services Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 6, February 2021

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