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God Speaks to Kids, Too!

Hey Kids! Did you know you can be a prayer warrior? God wants you to know Him as your Saviour and as your friend, and He can help you pray mighty prayers and see Him work in amazing ways! 

 In one of our Toronto Chinese Alliance Church (TCAC) Kids Pray! meetings on Zoom, we asked God, “What do you want us to pray for our church?” We listened, and here is what some of the kids wrote or drew and then prayed for.


“That the church will know who God really is, that the church will be a cornerstone of hope in COVID, and that the church will be able to know God well”
– Caleb, age 10

Safety in COVID

“God reaching his arms out to people in need”
– Abby, age 14
That God would keep us safe from COVID
– Joshua, age 8

More People to Come to our Church

Pray for new people to come to TCAC – “This church looks interesting!” “Cool!” “Wow! Looks exciting!”
– Dylan, age 11
Invite new people to church and they hear Pastor Stephen preaching
– Shaun, age 11
“To bring more people to TCAC to learn about Jesus”
– Seth, age 8 
People are coming from the rest of the world to join TCAC – “We’re here!”
 – Seth, age 8
“Jesus protect our church from the ghost [from evil]”
“Abby and Ella and Fiona, we go to Sunday School”
– Ella, age 4

Share the Gospel

Spread the Gospel – Believer to Non-Believer: “God is Real!”
– Ivan, age 11
Giving our Tithe
– Keza, age 10
Using the tithe money to buy Bibles for people who need them
– Keza, age 10
Pray for God to bring more people to TCAC to send out as missionaries to preach the Gospel
– Seth, age 8
A revival for TCAC, to send more missionaries
– Shaun, age 11

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