"God Thoughts"

God Says, “I AM…”

I AM your friend when you are lonely, and your best friend when you have many friends around you. I take care of your parents so they can take care of you. I AM gentler than the kindest grandma and more loving than you could ever imagine.

I AM patient with you and love you just the way you are. Nothing could make me stop loving you. Even if you do something terrible, I keep loving you and waiting for you to come back to me for forgiveness and peace. 

I AM your protector and your peace-giver. I AM your shield and defender. I AM the one you can run to whenever you are afraid. I AM your safe place when you are scared at night. My angels are stronger than any scary things in the darkness. I AM stronger than all evil, and when you say, “Jesus,” all dark things run away. 

I AM light. In me there is no darkness and I cast no shadow. Darkness hides from me and evil can never overcome me. I light up every dark place better than the moon and stars at night or the sun rising in the morning. When you give me the darkness in your heart, I replace it with my light.

I AM an oasis in the desert. I bring refreshing water to dry places and make them grow lush and colorful with leaves, flowers and fruit. When you feel dry and empty, I fill you with my freshness and life.

I AM your joy and life-giver. My presence is full of joy. I AM more fun than the best party, and I love to laugh and dance with you.

I AM all-powerful. Nothing is too hard for me. I AM stronger than the toughest metal, the fastest horse, and the most powerful car. I will never leave you alone and helpless, because I AM your strength.

I AM all-knowing. No problem is too complicated for me, and no one is hidden from me—not even you! I AM wiser than the wisest person who ever lived or ever will live, because I AM the source of all wisdom. When you ask me, I give you wisdom, too.

I AM eternal. I always have been alive and will never, ever die. I AM everywhere. I AM in front of you, behind you, and all around you. I AM your provider. I give you everything you need—food, clothes, toys, hugs, and so much more.

I AM your Savior. I paid the price for your sins by dying for you on the cross. I AM your Sanctifier, making you holy and pure by my Spirit working in you. I AM your Healer. When you are sick I heal your body, and when you are sad I heal your heart. I AM your Coming King. One day I will come for you and take you to heaven, where you will be surrounded by people you love and will be full of joy forever. 

I AM all this and so much more. Come, get to know me. Be my friend, my child. You will never be bored with me because you will always discover new, exciting things about me. Come! Discover who I AM!

By Annette Ford

Exodus 3:14 God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

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