Devotional Stories

Hidden Valley Adventure – Part 3: Mr. Mole

(From the end of Part 2) “Look!” said Hannah. “There’s an opening over there. Let’s go!”

Timothy Mouse and his friend Hannah left the beautiful jewel cave and entered a new tunnel, which slanted steeply down. The tunnel was lit by glowing emeralds. 

Following the emerald-lit path, they finally saw sunlight ahead.

Dead flowers and plants blocked the exit, so they pushed their way through and saw they were in Hidden Valley. 

“Look! There’s my mouse-house. But it’s all broken.” said Hannah, sadly. 

Timothy didn’t say anything. Everywhere he saw destruction—broken plants, wilted flowers, and mouse-houses crushed by big rocks. 

“How will I ever find them?” he said in a sad whisper.

Then he looked over at the far side of the ruined valley and saw Mr. Mole’s house in the hollow oak tree. It didn’t seem harmed.

“Look! There’s a light shining from Mr. Mole’s window!” said Timothy. “It figures that the only person left around here is grouchy old Mr. Mole. Everyone says he’s weird and mean. He wouldn’t help us find them.”

“But my mom says he’s really nice,” said Hannah. “She said he’s just grouchy because he’s sad and lonely. Let’s go see if he’s seen your dad or Maria.” 

“I don’t know.” said Timothy. “I guess we could peak in his window and see if he’s actually there.”

They ran over and tried to look in a window, but it was too high. 

Timothy crouched down and Hannah climbed on his back to peek in the window. “He’s there,” she whispered. He’s sitting in a comfy chair reading a…. Oh no! He’s seen me!”

As Hannah scrambled down, Mr. Mole opened the door and stomped toward them.

“What are you doing?” he growled. “Why are you snooping around here?” 

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mole,” said Timothy. “We weren’t trying to snoop. We just need help finding my dad and sister. Have you seen them?”

“Yes, I have,” said Mr. Mole.

“Where are they?” said Timothy. “We need to find them soon. They might be in danger!” 

“If you don’t chatter non-stop, I’ll take you there,” said Mr. Mole, then he grabbed his backpack and started walking.

Timothy and Hannah jogged to keep up with Mr. Mole. At a wide stream they stopped.

“How can we get across?” said Timothy. 

“Only one way,” said Mr. Mole. He stretched far over the stream with both arms, and let himself fall into a flat, bridge-like position—his hands on the far side and his feet near Timothy. “Cross over me, but don’t take all day!” he said.

“Really?” said Timothy. He couldn’t see any other way than to trust Mr. Mole, so he started to crawl carefully across Mr. Mole’s back.

“I can’t cross,” said Hannah. “I’m scared I’ll fall into the water, and I can’t swim. I’m sorry!” 

Timothy stopped crawling and looked back at his friend.

“Well, if you’re not going to come with us,” said Mr. Mole to Hannah, “go back the way you came and bring your families and all the other animals down here. Tell them the storm is over and it’s safe to return.”

“You can cross, Hannah,” said Timothy. “Come on.”

“No,” said Hannah. “I’m sorry! I don’t want to drown. Maybe Mr. Mole’s idea is better. I’ll go show the others the way through the tunnels so they can come back to Hidden Valley.”

Mr. Mole turned to Timothy and said, “What are you waiting for, kid? – Christmas? Get across before I lose my grip on the streambank!” 

Timothy crawled the rest of the way and waved goodbye to Hannah. Mr. Mole hoisted his feet over and stood up. 

As they walked through the dense forest, Mr. Mole said to Timothy, “I was hurrying through town in the storm yesterday and saw your dad stop by the school to take Maria home before the storm got worse. They stepped on a big leaf, and then the wind whipped the leaf up in the air and carried them away.”

“But, where are they?” said Timothy. “Are they okay?”

“I’m not sure, but they were heading toward the chasm,” said Mr. Mole. “I’ll need your help if they’ve fallen or if they’re on the other side. Come on, Kid. Hurry!”

(To be continued…)

By Annette Ford

Do you have a hard time accepting people who others don’t like? God loves everyone, even if they are different or grumpy. Often people who seem mean just need to be shown kindness and love. Who can you show extra love to today?

1 Sam. 16:7 The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.

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