"God Thoughts", Devotional Stories

The Loving Lion

Photo by Marcus Herzberg on Pexels.com

On the grass of a large city park sat a huge stuffed lion—as big as a house. He was soft and golden with a long, shaggy, silky-smooth mane, and eyes full of love. 

Then he turned into a real lion. He came to life, stretching like he had been resting for a while. He looked a little scary because he was still huge and powerful but was now alive. With his great paw he could squish someone with one step—or swipe someone away to the next street. 

But he was a good lion, with a heart of love and compassion. He used his strength for love and justice—for being kind to people and defending those being hurt by others. 

He started walking through the city but didn’t crush anything under his powerful paws. Although he was real, he was not a physical, flesh and blood lion. He was truly there, but not everyone could see him. 

As he strode through the city streets, he sought people with hearts ready to follow him. His name was the Lion of Judah, the King over all. He invited those with ready hearts to climb up onto his soft, silky back and join his adventure. 

Sometimes he stopped, and those on his back slid off to help people who were sick, sad, or wounded. They brought these hurting people to him. As the great Lion breathed his life-giving, healing breath on them, they were healed. They shimmied up his back and laughed, danced, and sang praises with the others. He carried them to find other needy, hurting people who also were ready for his healing and wanted to travel with him. 

Other times the Lion stopped in a big park and played with the children. They slid off his back and surrounded him, and he romped and frolicked with them. They loved when he breathed out hundreds of little red hearts for them to chase, catch, throw, and even eat like candy. The little red hearts never ran out because his breath was full of them. Strengthened and filled by his love, the children continued to toss and juggle the little hearts as they climbed back up on his back.

When the children grew sleepy, they burrowed deep into his fur and slept, cozy and comforted by his warmth. They knew they were safe and belonged to him. Each was full of life, hope, peace, and Lion-sized compassion for all people.

by Annette Ford

Do you understand that Jesus, the Lion of Judah, is here for you, calling you to Himself? Are you willing to come to Him and receive His forgiveness and life? Will you let Him use you to reach out and touch others’ lives with His love and compassion and bring them to Him for healing and salvation?

Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Photo by Mu00e1ximo on Pexels.com

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