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Friday 6: Bible Verse Hunt

Today you can make a scavenger hunt for someone else in your house! Write out John 14:6 on sticky notes – one word for each note. Stick the notes up around your house and tell someone in your house that if they find all the notes and put them in order, you will give them a prize. (You’ll need to think of a prize to give them.)

Then ask them to put the sticky notes around the house for you to find. Maybe after you put the words in the right order they will give you a prize, too!

Here’s the verse:

Congratulations to Ernie and Frankie Bao for saying all of the first 5 “I Am” verses. They got an extra prize in their Sunday School supplies packages this week!

Animals in the Bible Riddles

Here are some Bible riddles about animals for you. Note that the word “subtil” in the first question is “crafty” in NIV.

“Who Am I?” Game

Each day from Sunday to Friday we give you a clue to a person in the Bible. Then on Saturday we give you the answer!

Here’s the last clue to this week’s Bible “Who Am I?” riddle: 

6. I denied Jesus three times and later He asked me three times if I loved Him, and told me to feed His lambs and sheep.

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