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Monday: Jesus is the Gate

Jesus’ said, “I AM the Gate (or the Door) for the Sheep.” In our Bible story this week in John 10:1-10, we see that because Jesus is the Gate for the sheep, he keeps us really safe! You can see how Jesus is the Gate for the sheep in two videos: and

Bible Riddles

Today we have ten riddles for you. See if you can figure out the answers before you look at them below. Then ask your family the questions!


  1. What is Eve’s favorite food?
  2. What kind of cell phone did Delilah use?
  3. What kind of car did the disciples drive?
  4. What time of day was Adam born?
  5. When was the first tennis match in the Bible?
  6. How does the Apostle Paul make coffee?
  7. What is the best way to study the Bible?
  8. If Jesus was still on earth, what kind of car would He drive?
  9. What’s the best way to get a message to God?
  10. What animal did Noah not trust?


  1. Ribs
  2. Samson
  3. “They were all in one accord…”
  4. A little before Eve
  5. Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court
  6. Hebrews it
  7. You Luke into it
  8. Christler
  9. Kneemail
  10. Cheetah

“Who Am I?” Game

Each day from Sunday to Friday we give you a clue to a person in the Bible. Then on Saturday we give you the answer!

Here’s the second clue to this week’s Bible “Who Am I?” riddle: 

2. I have two siblings.

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