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Tuesday: No Fear of Death!

This week’s theme is: “Jesus’ Power Means We Don’t Need to Fear Death.” Jesus is bigger than death – He rose from the dead and is alive today!

“God was with Me All the Time. I was never alone,” says a 90-year-old COVID-19 Survivor. This elderly lady was not afraid because she knew God’s power was greater than anything, even death! Let’s listen to her story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR0qpGrN_3uPnmtBsIFah1TiSdPh8EXfCkxrOXbnY4BjTcIDn3b-CWfDXr0&feature=share&v=lAsA12Jv6As&app=desktop

Books of the Bible Search

There are names of sixteen (16) books of the Bible hidden in the paragraph below. A preacher found 15 books in twenty minutes, but it took him 3 weeks just to find the 16th one.

In the “Leave a Reply” box below, let us know how many you found!

HAVE FUN! (We’ll post the answers tomorrow!)

Answers to Yesterday’s Bible Emoji Puzzle

  1. Adam & Eve
  2. Samson & Delilah
  3. Jonah
  4. David
  5. Moses
  6. Elijah
  7. Paul
  8. Abraham & Issac
  9. Prodigal son
  10. Daniel
  11. The Magi
  12. Noah

“Who Am I?” Game

Each day from Sunday to Friday we give you a clue to a person in the Bible. Then on Saturday we give you the answer!

Here’s the third clue to this week’s Bible “Who Am I?” riddle: 

3. I was really good at coming up with riddles.

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