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Easter Sunday School: Jesus’ Power Means We Don’t Have to Fear Death!

Today you can take time with your family to celebrate how Jesus defeated sin and death and discover how Jesus’ power means we don’t have to fear death. Our story is from Matthew 27:33-28:10. You can watch the Sunday School Lesson here:

K4C Kids’ Chat: Sunday 2:00-3:00 pm

This afternoon at 2 pm EST we will be having a live Zoom chat for TCAC Kids! If you would like to join, write to for more information.

Here’s how you can get ready for this Sunday:

  1. Watch the Sunday School lesson on this page before you come.
  2. Bring either something you have been creating or a favourite toy to show us. We’ll be playing a “What is it?” game with it, where you will show us only a part of it and we will guess what it is.
  3. Bring a Bible, a piece of paper, and a marker to write with.

Who Am I?” Game

Each day from Sunday to Friday we give you a clue to a person in the Bible. Then on Saturday we give you the answer!

Here’s the first clue to this week’s Bible “Who Am I?” riddle:

1. I was never allowed to eat or drink any form of grapes, grape juice or wine.

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