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Palm Sunday: Jesus’ Power is Unexpected

Watch and participate in this fun Sunday School lesson together with your family!

Today we will dive into a true story from Luke 19:28-40 in the Bible and hear about people who expected some things from Jesus, but then Jesus didn’t do what they expected. Jesus doesn’t always work the way we expect either. Often, Jesus’ power is unexpected.

Check out the “Who Am I?” game below, too!

Make Palm Branches!

In Jesus’ time, palm branches were used in celebrations or to honour dignitaries. To celebrate Jesus this Palm Sunday, download the palm branch template, trace it on green construction paper and decorate the dinner table with your palm branches. Place extra “branches” on a path from the entryway to the table to mark a path of honour. Before dinner, discuss the meaning of Hosanna, which could have been an appeal for divine help or salvation, or a way to praise Jesus. What would you shout if you saw Jesus coming down the road today?

This idea is from Focus on the Family’s “Walking Through Holy Week.”

“Who Am I?” Game

Each day from Sunday to Friday we will give you a clue to a person in the Bible. Then on Friday we will give you the answer.

Here’s the first clue to a Bible “Who Am I?” riddle:

1. “I left a fishy occupation to follow Jesus.”

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