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“Jesus’ Power Calms Our Worries” Week 2 Poster

For our Week 2 poster, here’s an idea – you could colour or decorate this poster and then put it up in your window this week. Then next week you can exchange it for the next poster. Maybe your neighbours will start looking forward to a different encouraging poster in your window each week! (If you haven’t done the Week 1 poster yet, you can download that here

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Download and print out the poster here or below:
  2. Trace over the letters with a dark marker.
  3. Colour or decorate the letters.
  4. Add decorations or pictures around the outside.
  5. (Optional) Paste it on construction paper to make a border around it.
  6. Hang it up in your room – or in your window facing out, so others can see it!

If you would like to publish your poster here, send a photo of your completed poster to and we will post it below!

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