Rocks of Love

You’ve already seen the picture at the top of the page, so let’s start with the “Rocks of Love” activity. You’re going to make at least one rock for yourself and at least one rock to give to someone else. These rocks will remind you and the other person how much God loves you both.

You’ll need:

  • 2 smooth, clean rocks
  • paper & pencil
  • chalk OR paint OR markers OR crayons
  • (paintbrush if you use paint)
  • (hairspray if you use chalk)

First, see if your mom or dad can take you for a walk in the woods or by the lake so you can find at least two smooth stones like the ones in the photo. If that’s not possible, then look in your garden (not your neighbour’s!), or go to a Dollar Store or craft store and buy some. Be sure the rocks are clean and dry.

When you’ve got the rocks, think of a picture or word that helps you remember how good God is and how much He loves you. It might help you to think of something negative that you are feeling, and then write or draw a picture that is the opposite. For example, if you’re feeling afraid, you could write “peace” or draw a picture that helps you remember that God gives you peace and that you don’t ever have to be afraid. Write it down or draw the picture on a piece of paper.

Then, think of someone you know who might need some encouragement today. Ask God for a word or picture that will encourage that person, and write it or draw it, too, on your piece of paper.

Chalk on Rocks: If you have chalk at home, you can use that to draw your pictures or words. After you’ve drawn on the rock with the chalk, make your chalk drawings permanent by laying the stone down and carefully spraying it with a THIN even coat of hairspray from AT LEAST 25 cm away. Make sure you entirely cover the surface.

Markers or crayons on Rocks: You can also use markers or crayons to draw on the rocks.

Painting on Rocks: Here’s a video on how to paint on rocks:

When you’re done, take a picture of your rock(s) and see if your mom or dad is okay with you sending them to us at, and we will attach the photos to this post. You can see the photos below!

Now take a minute to ask God to help you feel His love whenever you look at your rock, and to help the person who you made the other rock for to feel His love, too.

Finally, put your own rock in a special place where you can see it, and give the other rock to the special person that you made it for!

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